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Rachel & Michael


When a single computer geek decides he wants to find love, it isn't long before he realizes that he can't write a nifty computer program to reach his goal. Being a computer geek myself, I'm quite sure of this fact!

After a small handful of mismatches in the "traditional" dating world, I tried my hand online and chose AmericanSingles. I logged on and created what I was sure was a relatively disinteresting profile under the name kahzmo8857. I paid for three months of a Premium Membership figuring it would take at least that long to figure it all out.

That same day, I found her. She was beautiful! That smile! That profile! So sweet and confident! So out of my league. Her name was 30151659. Oh yes, I wanted 30151659 to be mine! I sent her a message and hoped she would respond. Little did I know that her Premium Membership had expired, but upon receiving notification that she had a message waiting, she figured she'd check it out and renewed her Premium Membership for another three months to read what I had written. Thank God! She responded right then and there.

We spoke briefly by Instant Messenger and found instant chemistry. She was hilarious and fun! She typed "haha" to my poorly timed jokes. She made a Star Wars reference. Had I found my perfect geek match?

We set our first date for the very next evening. She told me her name... Rachel. I love her name! When I picked her up, my emotions were mixed. She was even more beautiful in person. That was a good thing, but it also made me believe even more that she was way out of my league and the nervous jitters set in. Despite my nervousness, we had a fun, pleasant evening and chatted non-stop over dinner. We were very different. I enjoyed computer programming, the internet and camping. She enjoyed NASCAR, Angels baseball and dancing. We were not the same, but somehow that was okay with both of us. It just seemed to work. After a little over one week and one date from AmericanSingles, we cancelled our Premium Memberships.

We dated again and again and then again. Within two weeks, we were inseparable. When we realized we were falling in love, we were excited. With no conscious effort on our part, our lives began to merge from two separate lives into one life together. Months later, we were living together. We were both products of divorce and single parents, and we were both overcome with how happy we had become. Neither of us had felt this way before. We found the real thing; we found true love. And there was no way it would have happened had it not been for AmericanSingles.

After six months together, I asked Rachel to marry me. She said yes! My dreams had come true!

As we plan our lives together and work on raising a family as husband and wife, we will forever be grateful to AmericanSingles for bringing us together. We've discussed it at length, and we are both positive that the circumstances were such that we never would have met had it not been for your site. We owe you more than three months worth of membership fees.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. From Rachel and me, our kids, our future kids and our extended family, we thank you for bringing us a lifetime of joy. You changed our lives! Bless you!

With kind regards,

Michael and Rachel
Simi Valley, California

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